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Version 1.0

Create Animated Gifs from JPG, BMP and GIF files (ActiveX Component).
This Microsoft Windows COM Component can be used with IIS6 and IIS7. Look for an ASP example below. It also works with Visual Studio etc., look for the syntax in the AniGIFCom Examples.


Download: AniGIFCom 1.0

Classic ASP Example:  See in action: AniGIFCom Examples

First uninstall any old version


This software is free to anyone, just for fun send me a postcard:
AMC, Cell biology & Histology CMO, Ron Hoebe, Room M3-106-1
Meibergdreef 15, 1105 AZ  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Change log

Version 1.0
- Optimize GIF
- Swap Red/Green
- Safe Gray/Color Palette
- Error Handling