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Version 2.1

Deconvolve is a Windows program for remote batch restorations of 3D/2D confocal and widefield fluorescence images using Huygens2 from SVI on a local or remote computer.


Download current version: Deconvolve 2.1

Download old version: Deconvolve 1.71

Download older version: Deconvolve 1.61


Installation and configuration instructions can be found in the included help. Please mail me for questions, bugs and feature requests. Links to a SSH/SFTP server for Windows can be found here

- First uninstall any old version
- For Huygens2 3.1 (and higher) use (lower use huscript.exe)
-To keep templates of any old version 1.6 and lower, make a copy of the Deconvolve.mdb file from the "c:\program files\deconvolve" folder and overwrite the default Deconvolve.mdb file, after installing a new version.
From version 1.7 the Deconvolve.mdb file is located in the local settings folder: "C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\deconvolve\" new installs will not overwrite this this file anymore)

Deconvolve main window
Deconvolve images output options
Deconvolve huygens2 settings

This software is free to anyone, just for fun send me a postcard:
AMC, Cell biology & Histology CMO, Ron Hoebe, Room M3-106-1
Meibergdreef 15, 1105 AZ  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Change log

Version 2.1
- %hostname% and %username% from server login settings can be used in templates
- Execution Log Option default off
- Extra Advanced Settings Tab for FTP sendbuffer and debug settings

Version 1.71
- FTP fix for WindowsXP Buildin FTP server

Version 1.7
- Batch TIFF to ICS Conversions
- Menu option to Restore non-processed files after program/network error
- Image file list can now be sorted by clicking the header
- Added to preferences: Show output Formats and Warning
- Added to preferences: Execution Log option (especially for Huygens2 3.3 and higher)
- Relocation of Deconvolve.mdb to local user application folder (especially for Vista)
- Relocation and better management of temporary files (especially for Vista)
- Better FTP support for some FTP servers
- Better response to timeouts and aborts (pressing Cancel)
- Some small changes in the ICS output header for better compatibility with other programs

Version 1.61
- Added new test, monochrome image
- Now SSH/SFTP components are ReRegistered at start-up (should help wrong installations)
- Added ReRegister SSH/SFTP components to File Menu
- Fixed display of some Compressed files.

Version 1.6
- Added local CMD shell. This enables Deconvolve to operate locally
- Added lookup tables for monochrome images
- Added choice of z-slice for 3D images viewing
- Added Compress/Decompress files tool
- Changed the Gzip and FTP routines, Should be more stable and reliable
- Updated SSH/SFTP component
- Small bugs fixed

Version 1.5
- Added TimeOut (when disconnected fom server, deconvolution is retried)
- Added ICS Read Parameters
- Changed Layout and Image display (Original vs Deconvolved)
- Added some sample Templates
- Bugs in some Files Formats supported fixed   

Version 1.42
- Setup did not register components correctly - fixed

Version 1.41
- Selecting Telnet was not possible in 1.4 - fixed

Version 1.4
- SHH/SFTP connection support
- Added preferences (Auto Hide Parameters and Quality change limit)
- Added toggle button for Color (RGB) en Grey Settings (3 channels/1 channel)

Version 1.3
- Added Script execution timing to settings (Important for Telnet connection)

Version 1.2
- 16 bits and 48 bits Tiff support
- Changed Tiff LZW compression to ZIP compression

Version 1.1
- (Leica) Tiff series converter
- Templates
- Telnet + FTP/SMB
- TIFF and ICS (1) images