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Stromatolites the oldest living organisms, Shark bay, West Australia

Flow Explorer

Version 4.2

Scans folders for flow cytometry List-Files and shows parameters, notes, histograms, bivariate dot plots, density and contour plots.


Download: Flow Explorer 4.2

First uninstall any old version

Old versions: Flow Explorer 4.1, 4.0, 3.5, (2.2 only win9x)

Flow Explorer plots en calculations
Flow Explorer main window
Flow Explorer edit parameters

This software is free to anyone, just for fun send me a postcard:
AMC, Cell biology & Histology CMO, Ron Hoebe, Room M3-106-1
Meibergdreef 15, 1105 AZ  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Change log

Version 4.2
- Better LOG scaling and Math

Version 4.1
- Export to Excel
- Higher resolution Plots
- Popup menu (Right Mouse Click on List)
- Minor bugs fixed
Version 4.0
- Parameters Mathematics, calculate ratio's or other math (for an example see
- Recent Folder List
- Minor bugs fixed

Version 3.5
- List File Editing
- Up to 10 Parameters
- Show All Files in directory
- Bugs Fixed

Version 3.1
- Print list bug fixed
- Big Buttons in toolbar Preview fixed
- Minor other bugs fixed

Version 3.0
- Minor bugs fixed
- New Explorer Tree
- Full Drag and Drop in the Explorer Tree

Version 2.2
- Some bugs fixed
- Printing and copying of file lists