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Version 1.2

This program uses OpenGL textures to generate a 3D visualization of confocal and wide field fluorescence microscopy images. Custom color palettes can be applied to grey value images. AVI movies can be created with a build in script engine. 


Download: Visual3D 1.2

First uninstall any old version

Old versions: Visual3D 1.1

Visual 3D
Visual3D main window
Visual 3D
Visual3D scripting window
Visual 3D
Visual3D custom palette window

This software is free to anyone, just for fun send me a postcard:
AMC, Cell biology & Histology CMO, Ron Hoebe, Room M3-106-1
Meibergdreef 15, 1105 AZ  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Change log

Version 1.2
- Tiff Series converter

Version 1.1
- Only *.scp when opening script in editor
- Changed parameters window focus
- Added close button to parameters window
- Removed menu item "hide parameters"
- Added changing parameters by clicking value

Version 1.0
- Scripts
- Custom Palettes
- Leica Confocal Tiff series converter