Ron's Software

What is New

CellCounter 4.0
(Windows 10 support)

(New VC-1 Support)

Deconvolve 2.1
(Small changes and new settings tab)

(ActiveX Component for creating Animated Gifs)

Beach, Vlissingen, The Netherlands

Microscopy and Flow Cytometry Software

This software is free to anyone, just for fun send me a postcard:
AMC, Cell biology & Histology CMO, Ron Hoebe, Room M3-106-1
Meibergdreef 15, 1105 AZ  Amsterdam, The Netherlands


There are two microscopy programs. "Deconvolve" is for remote batch restorations, using Huygens2 from SVI, of 3D/2D confocal and wide field fluorescence images. "Visual 3D" is to visualize 3D fluorescence images.

Flow Cytometry

There are three flow cytometry programs. "Flow Explorer" scans folders for flow data List-Files and shows parameters, notes, histograms, bivariate dot plots, density and contour plots. "ListMath" also creates histograms and plots from List-Files and it can create regions and gates to do math. "RefreshRatio" refreshes ratios in List-Files.

ActiveX Components

Useful COM Components for IIS and Visual Studio. "AniGifCom" creates Animated GIFs form JPG, BMP and GIF files.


Some other useful little programs.